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POIS (Post Orgasm Illness Syndrome) NATURAL HEALING:

This is my current update about POIS as of 6/11/2017

I haven't experienced POIS symptoms for more than a year now.
I am POIS free, however, my body is still not at the level where I can orgasm every day and have it not impact me. I can orgasm 1-3 times a week with my wife without any problem. The more I orgasm in a week though the more lack of energy I feel and if I were to orgasm every day then my body would lose tons of energy over time and I would start getting sick and my POIS symptoms would come back.

So not 100% healthy now but 95% I would say.

Over the course of the last three years of my fight with POIS I have learned that the main thing that we all need to fix in order to beat POIS is our stomachs/digestion. 

I have had the following bowel/intestine/stomach/digestion issues that have all contributed to the creation of POIS I think:
- my appendix was removed 10 years ago (all good now)
- I had Helicobacter Pilory (H. Pilory) and Gastritis (all cured now)
- I had overgrowth of Candida bacteria (all cured now)
- I have adrenal gland fatigue (95% cured now)
- I have overgrowth of good bacteria in my small intestine (SIBO - small intestine bacterial overgrowth) - currently working on getting rid of it
- Who knows what other stuff is wrong my stomach but the better I take care of my stomach the less POIS I have.

I fixed all those ailments above by working with natural/holistic/integrative/eastern/alternative or whatever else you want to call them doctors. Each of those natural/alternative doctors was good at something and I learned and fixed almost all of my illnesses now by working with a few of those doctors and not just one. The most useless doctors were Western Medicine doctors who do not know or understand anything about natural approach to healing. 

So, in short, FIX YOUR STOMACHS AND YOU WILL CURE POIS  (that is my humble opinion) :)

Good luck and please do not hesitate to ask me questions at

This is my current update about POIS as of 9/4/2016 (a year after my first article):

My POIS is completely gone. The key was to work on strengthening my adrenal glands. The main things that helped me fix my adrenals were:

- Dr. Lam in California who gave me many of his natural tinctures and advice. His wife Doreen was the one who consulted me and it cost me $100 per consultation. I did a consultation every week in the beginning and then every month and now every 6 months.
- Physical therapist Shawn Phillips in Los Angeles gave me a lot of good nutritional and exercise advice since he already had issues with adrenal fatigue.
- Hot yoga helped me immensely as well. I feel that doing yoga 1-2 times a week works best for me.
- At my worst I tried not to do any heavy and intense physical exercise so I did walking and running, light weights with not too many repetitions and light boxing. After I felt better I started increasing the intensity and now I have almost reached maximum intensity in all those exercises.
- I fall asleep before 11pm every night almost. This enables me not to lose melatonin production (which our bodies produce from 10pm to 2am) and allows me to have a good night sleep. Lack of sleep, insomnia, etc. also damages adrenal glands heavily. At my worst, I had to take triple the dosage of melatonin pills (the healthiest sleeping aid out thereI guess) just to fall asleep. They helped me a lot and now I dont need them at all.
- At my worst I took out all the SUGAR and lowered CARBS in my diet. That was insanely helpful. Now I do carbloading weekends, which means that I eat as much sweets and carbs (bread) as I want. But my body is healthy now and can take this.
- Finding a sexual partner, girlfriend, wife, etc. would definitely help. The key is not to simply stop ejaculating. For me once a week ejaculation was working well and now I can do 2-4 ejaculations on many weeks, which I feel like is very normal for a guy like myself, in his 30s. I do have a sexual partner now and Im not watching any more porn. I feel that porn actually really messed me up since I watched it every night almost from age 13 to 30.
- Meditation helps me tremendously (especially right after sex or heavy exercise when I meditate for 10min-20min). I meditate 1-3 times a day. The goal for me is always to meditate 20 min in the morning and 20 min 4 hours before sleep but that isnt often possible so I take 5min or 10min whenever and wherever I can (at work lunch room, park, any peaceful place, etc.) and do my best and this brings me great results. It helps me with sleep and lowers my daily stress significantly. My meditation technique is very simple (exactly like this one: ). I lay down or sit (mostly lay down) and breathe. I think about my breath going in and out of my body. If any other thoughts come in I slowly try to put them a side and go back to thinking about my breathing. After 5min or 20min of this Im done with meditation. Meditation is boring but the effects are so awesome that I keep doing it. Dr. Lam's deep breathing exercises are also very helpful during meditation (breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose and feel your stomach and then lungs expanding, hold the breath for a bit and then breathe out again through your nose slowly and feel your lungs and stomach contracting).
- Tons of water. I drink 80 to 100 ounces of water a day. But I am careful not to drink a lot of water 30min before food and 45 min after food because water can mess up digestion. I do sip a bit of water though sometimes during meals to soften the food.
- Herbs that helped me (they can all be found at Wholefoods, Lassens, Sprouts, Amazon and other stores):
- Tons of Vitamin C (we urinate out all the Vitamin C that our body doesnt need) - great for immunity and adrenal glands
- Echinacea tincture - great for immunity and adrenal glands
- Beet juice and also all other organic fresh squeezed juices - increase significantly my number of bowel movements. I drink these juices in the morning, right after Ive had 22 ounces of water on my empty stomach. This almost always guarantees a bowel movement within an hour or two.
- Double the amount of normal dosage of Magnesium pills also helped me tremendously and increased the number of bowel movements. However, at my current stage I dont use any more Magnesium pills since I feel much better and my bowel movements are regular. At one point I noticed that probably because I was taking so many Magnesium pills I had diarrhea so I stopped taking them at that point. Diarrhea was a signal that my body has recouped all of its missing magnesium and there was no need for more pills, so I stopped.
- Dr. Schulze's Ginseng Tincture and Heart Tincture ( ) helped me tons with my adrenal glands.
- Dr. Schulze's Formula 1 helped me with my bowel movements. I would take these pills only when I was very constipated and I would not rely on these pills long term.
- Probiotic pills and digestive enzymes (Im not saying everyone needs them but they did help a bit). 
- My current state is that I dont need to use almost any more supplements/herbs/tinctures. I only use supplements if I notice that my adrenal glands are not doing well. Once they are better again, I stop using supplements/herbs/tinctures.


This was my article about POIS in August of 2015

I was lucky that I suffered from Post Orgasm Illness Syndrome for only 6 months until I found a natural way to heal myself on my own. I have searched everywhere online and have heard that POIS is not curable at the moment and that the only solution so far is to inject people with their own semen because doctors think that we are allergic to our own semen (I dont think that is the case or at least not in my case).  I AM NOT A DOCTOR so please do not rely on my advice 100%. Many of my statements probably arent 100% accurate but roughly I think they are correct and they did cure me from POIS. I have only been POIS free for the past 20 days (but I had orgasm every night and worked in my office 6 days a week, 11 hours a day - pretty tough on a body and yet NO POIS SYMPTOMS) so Im still not 100% sure that all of these things that Im naming here below work but I just really want to hurry and not wait longer and help people out there who still suffer. In case I do discover some more relevant knowledge about beating the POIS I will write back here or on some other blog UNDER MY BLOG NAME "DUKE0KNIGHT." From what I have learned after trying for months to cure myself is that all my troubles originated in my stomach and my Adrenal Glands. The CURE was to REDUCE the amount of CORTISOL AND ADRENALIN in my body throughout the day and especially in the seconds immediately after my orgasm: - too much stress raises the levels of cortisol and adrenalin - if you are stressed all day long your levels of cortisol and adrenalin are high and your Adrenal Glands keep producing cortisol and adrenalin even during night (because they are used to producing it and just cant stop producing it that easily) so that is why many of us cant sleep well during night. I had NO IDEA that I had stress and I never believed in it. It just sounded stupid to me but I learned that STRESS is very present in our lives and really damages our bodies. - YOGA helped me a lot. I go to yoga 3 times a week. At first I didnt want to go to Yoga because its boring but after doing it 5 times I started recognizing how bad my breathing was and how stressed I actually was during the day. I believe that through correct breathing we reduce stress and therefore we REDUCE CORTISOL AND ADRENALIN which are the MAIN REASON FOR POIS. I also did Infra Red Sauna 20 times but I dont think it helped me that much. - if you think about it the symptoms that you get after an orgasm (or at least thats  how I feel) are very similar to the body feeling after a big stressful moment in life and/or very low immunity and/or getting a flu. THIS IS WHAT helped me realize that CORTISOL AND ADRENALIN are the main reasons for my POIS. Cortisol and Adrenalin are being excreted DURING ORGASM. - the only natural ways of reducing Cortisol and Adrenalin I could google online that worked for me were: - Yoga - A bunch of herbs that REDUCE Cortisol and Adrenalin and INCREASE MELATONIN (Melatonin is very important because it fights agains Cortisol and Adrenalin): HOLY BASIL LEAF, ST JOHS WORT, ASHWAGANDHA, MACA ROOT, KAVA, VALERIAN ROOT, REISHI MUSHROOM. - make your room PITCH BLACK DARK when you sleep because that helps elevate the levels of MELATONIN. Melatonin is great and you need a lot of it to fight away Cortisol and Adrenalin. The sunlight or indoor light (bulbs, computers, cellphones, etc.) reduces Melatonin in our bodies and that is why we need to keep our bedrooms very dark (cover windows, cover door holes, and take out computers and cellphones or at least put them further away from your bed). - try having 8-9 hours of sleep and try falling asleep BEFORE 12AM because Melatonin is being produced I think starting at 10pm so you dont want to miss those hours being awake. - Immediately after orgasm (literally a second after you have an orgasm start doing heavy Yoga style breathing to reduce the excretion of Cortisol and Adrenalin. Try to relax your entire body by breathing and reducing the Cortisol and Adrenalin excretion. During orgasm Cortisol and Adrenalin are being excreted and that is BAD. Im not sure about this breathing thing but I think that it does help me. The thing is that the moment I realized that it is Cortisol and Adrenalin what causes my POIS I hit Cortisol and Adrenalin from all sides with multiple approaches (Yoga, herbs, sleeping on time and for 8-9 hours, breathing after orgasm, etc.) so now I dont know which one of them are actually working and which ones arent that important. Final thing that I did was get a nutritionist to help me. Im not sure how instrumental she was but she definitely helped me with my stomach issues. Bad stomach issues can also lead to STRESS in your body and we all know now that STRESS EQUALS CORTISOL AND ADRENALIN. After doing hair mineral test, blood micronutrient test and blood spot test (this is the list of those tests but I think you can do it through any other company that does the same thing: arlok dot com, greatplainslaboratory dot com/home/ , spectracell dot com)  she has shown me that there were multiple imbalances in my body (for example I had too much copper, aluminum and mercury, lack of zinc, etc.) and taught me how to eat well. Her website is: nourishholisticnutrition dot com but you can also go to any other legit natural healing nutritionist and Im sure they will be helpful. I REALLY hope that some of you will be cured from POIS by following my advice. Please, email me at duke0knight AT gmail DOT com if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Thanks,